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Where might your talent add to our team?


Build and foster the culture and environment core to Gigapipe. This will include the whole spectrum of HR functions as well as being the lead on recruiting for each respective hiring phases.

Head of People, Culture & Recruitment


Lead our go to market and build our early-stage marketing machine. This role will require an entrepreneurial self-starter who wants to grow and demonstrate their talents in a fast growing company.

Marketing Manager

Why choose us in a competitive job market?

We want to make a difference. So we need you to want to as well. That means treating you like a grown-up, listening to your ideas and valuing you as a team member.



Got a better way? Convince me

If we do something a certain way, there's usually a reason. However if you think you have a better way, you should always speak up. Convince your colleagues!


We succeed together, we fail together

We're a team. When someone succeeds it couldn't have happened without everyone else.


Celebrate success, learn from failure

Celebrate every win, no matter how small. But always make sure to learn as much as possible from every setback, fall or fail


We are a great believer in work incentives & provide our employees with a fantastic range of benefits & perks to reward their efforts.

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Private health insurance

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Complimentary gym membership

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Professional development fund

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Unlimited paid leave

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