We have big ideas about Big Data

Gigapipe was born out of the need to create elegant solutions for the challenges of data volume, velocity and variety.

What we have created together is a team of super smart engineers in an open culture, which has resulted in an environment where innovation is second nature. 

As a result, Gigapipe is already solving the Big Data problem and making using Big Data a right, not a privilege.


Multi node clusters: High availability and automatic recovery protocols

Deploy in any region available on AWS or GCP
Ingest up to 6TB per day on our smallest cluster size

We’re available to you
when you need us

Why Choose

Having a functioning data stack is one thing, but actually using it to its full potential can still be complicated.

Gigapipe simplifies complex actions through its UI which adds additional abstraction layers on top of each data tool and service to make using your advanced data stack far simpler. Think Zapier for data tools!


Businesses searching for a fast, flexible Managed ClickHouse service are finding the perfect partner in Gigapipe.

The Team

Meet our diverse team of passionate problem-solvers. Our office is anything but a monoculture; with speakers of 9 different languages in the room, there’s always someone who’ll understand you.

What is Gigapipe?

Seeing is believing. Ready to try it for yourself?

The fast, flexible platform for managed data service you can deploy in minutes.