ClickHouse is a column-oriented database that enables its users to generate powerful analytics, using SQL queries, in real-time.

Gigapipe’s managed ClickHouse clusters offers blazingly fast speeds and automatic deployment and scaling as well as numerous abstraction layers making ClickHouse as easy to use as possible.

Blazing fast

ClickHouse uses all available hardware to its full potential to process each query as fast as possible. Peak processing performance for a single query stands at more than 2 terabytes per second (after decompression, only used columns). In distributed setup reads are automatically balanced among healthy replicas to avoid increasing latency.

Blazing Fast

Exceeds other column-oriented database management systems

Linearly scalable

Incredible scaling both horizontally and vertically

Fault tolerant

Supports async replication and can be deployed across multiple datacenters

Hardware efficient

Processes analytical queries faster than traditional row-oriented systems

Highly reliable

Purely distributed system, including enterprise-grade security


User-friendly SQL query dialect, built-in analytics capabilities, and more

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