Integrate HEPIC for advanced RTC monitoring and analytics: Boost your telecommunications platform with HEPIC, a cutting-edge solution for real-time communication packet capturing, indexing, and storing. Leverage HEPIC’s comprehensive features like real-time session tracking, RTP analyzers, cross-protocol correlation, and intelligent alerting to accelerate troubleshooting, enforce privacy-friendly media QoS, and unify distributed architectures. With seamless third-party integration, HEPIC enhances your platform’s capabilities while reducing risks and empowering data-driven decision-making. Elevate your network performance and customer satisfaction with HEPIC’s powerful, scalable, and vendor-agnostic solution.

Correlate all data streams

Accelerating monitoring and troubleshooting of complex networks by offering perpetual capture systems that provide insights without impacting live services. Enforcing privacy-friendly media QoS through a dedicated RTP agent that captures, correlates, and mirrors media streams while providing real-time granular media analytics at a fraction of the resource cost.

Reduce risks and security breaches

Unifying distributed architectures by supporting swarms of HEP agents that can be paired to any instance in the monitored stack as it grows and shrinks. Reducing troubleshooting risks and security breaches with a suite of integrated tools designed for passive monitoring and end-to-end session analysis. Enabling network and business analytics through an integrated HSP engine that can group and aggregate passively obtained metrics, providing a dynamic ground for alerts and anomaly detection.

Facilitating integration

Facilitating integration with third-party products by acting as a vendor-agnostic API, providing advanced RTC monitoring, and supporting native partitioning for operators to offer self-troubleshooting tools.

Unify Distributed Architectures

Our core allows Engineers to consistently see the "big picture" by supporting swarms of HEP agents, native or dedicated, to be paired to any running instance in the monitored stack as it grows and shrinks, pairing with its deployment and cost model.

Privacy-Friendly Media QoS

Our dedicated RTP Agent can capture, correlate and mirror media streams and emit real-time granular media analytics at custom frequency, complete with Jitter/RTT/Loss/Skew metrics, producing a reliable MOS/R-Factor at a fraction of resource costs.

Network & Business Analytics

The integrated HSP engine can group and aggregate passively obtained metrics into statistic branches defining network elements customer groups and their relations over time, providing a completely dynamic ground for alerts and anomaly detection.

HEPIC cloud pricing


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  • Fully managed HEPIC Cloud
  • Up to 1TB data retention
  • Premium support
  • Fixed cost
$600 /month


  • Fully managed HEPIC Cloud
  • Up to 2.5TB data retention
  • Premium support
  • Fixed cost
$1200 /month


  • Fully managed HEPIC Cloud
  • Up to 5TB data retention
  • Premium support
  • Fixed cost
$2000 /month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gigapipe is an orchestration platform for managed data services (think Zapier for data tools). Decide from a range of managed data tools for everything from storage, ingestion, ETL, AI & machine learning, visualization and more. Gigapipe will create accounts with the providers, deploy your infrastructure and then connect all your different services together for one unified and pre selected data stack!

You decide exactly which region your data services are deployed in and your data will never leave that region unless specified. Your data flows between the deployed services, never directly through Gigapipe itself.

Gigapipe passes along all associated costs from the deployed managed services at cost! You will never pay more for deploying through Gigapipe than if you went direct to the vendors. You get all the premium features and support from the vendors, as well as the benefit of having everything in one place. We also offer unified billing so your data stack bill will come from one place making it easy and clear to evaluate exactly how much you’re spending on your data stack.

Gigapipe itself has a tiered platform fee based on the mode you’re operating in. Personal mode (free tier), and organization mode ($249 per month).

With a single click! Gigapipe not only creates and deploys your services, but it also connects them all together. You can link deployed data services together at the click of a button from within the stack. Or if you wish to link them to external data tools or data sources, you can easily connect them directly through the services themselves, or use the connection wizard!

Your choice! You can access and manage all tools directly through Gigapipe if you wish (including our abstraction layers built on top of each technology) or you can use the UIs provided directly by the providers as part of the connected data stack.

Gigapipe adds additional abstraction layers on top of each service to make them as easy to use as possible. A lot of data services are complex to set up, get used to and use, so Gigapipe simplifies the day to day tasks and allows you to manage everything from a central place. However if you wish to use the advanced features then you can do this directly from the provider’s UI.

Absolutely. There are numerous ways to ingest historical data into your new storage layer(s). Please email if you’d like to book in a consultation with the support team and they can advise the best way to migrate your existing data.

Minutes. Gigapipe can create your accounts and users for each different service and then deploy any and all infrastructure you’ll need to use each individual service. Once deployed you can then connect your ingestion, ETL, storage, AI and visualization layers together at the click of a button. From logging in you can be ready to go in minutes!

100%. The Gigapipe stack is as accessible as you need it to be. You can use one, some or all the avaiable integrations and then connect them to any other existing services or data sources you already have. We have a long roadmap of new integrations we’re continuously working on so if there’s something you use and would like it to be part of the Gigapipe stack please let us know! We will evaluate and look at adding it to the roadmap.

We can help! Gigapipe can recommend the most frequently used tools in each industry and use-case. You can deploy on the recommended stack for your use-case, or customize with other services you know or prefer. Gigapipe is flexible so if at any point you want to change one or more specific tools, you can swap them out with just a few clicks.

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