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qryn is a polyglot observability stack for Logs, Metrics and Traces providing a unified, cross-language ingestion and query pipeline compatible with industry standard formats such as Loki, Tempo, Prometheus, Pyroscope, Elastic, Influx, Datadog, Opentelemetry and many more.  Built from the ground up and powered by OLAP engines (ClickHouse, DuckDB) to deliver powerful, lightweight and cost effective management of any telemetry format past, present and future – with no Vendor lock-ins.

qryn observaility platform logo
qryn observaility platform logo

Batteries Included

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Automatic deployment

Want to use qryn at the click of a button? Enable the qryn integration in your Gigapipe dashboard in either standard or dedicated mode!

Connect to any application

Integrate qryn to any other application in your Gigapipe stack with a single click. 

Or connect to any external application analyse your logs, metrics and traces directly in qryn. Or why not connect Grafana too for easier interpretation!

qryn.cloud or qryn on-prem

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gigapipe is a managed platform for observability and monitoring tools. Single click deployments for all integrations as well as immediate interoperability between all applications (no code required!). Our primary general observability tool (qryn Cloud) comes with ingestion APIs transparently compatible with Loki, Prometheus, Tempo, InfluxDB, Elastic and more.

You decide exactly which region your data services are deployed in and your data will never leave that region unless specified. Your data flows between the deployed services, never directly through Gigapipe itself.

Gigapipe has an available free tier for individual engineers or developers. This is free forever. Organization mode has a monthly fee of $249 which allows access to higher tiers of some integrations, as well multiple projects/environments, multiple users and teams as well as advanced role based access control.

Each individual integration has its own pricing model based on the service. Either flat subscriptions or metered usage.

With a single click! Gigapipe not only creates and deploys your services, but it also connects them all together. You can link deployed data services together at the click of a button from within the stack.

Not at all – it replaces them. We simply allow using Grafana (the user-interface, unmodified) and its native datasources, while all other components and APIs are entirely provided by qryn and ClickHouse. qryn is a clear room implementation and it is not a fork and does not contain any code from Grafana or its projects.

Alternatives play an important role and can accelerate evolution in an lively ecosystem. qryn is just designed to make its end users happy and was implemented as a transparent, smart, lightweight overlay on top ClickHouse, where all data ingested across protocols sits ready to be accessed, analyzed and correlated in thousands of way today and into the future leveraging its fast and ever growing capabilities.

If you’re using any of the many compatible clients, then simply a the host to the qryn host and it is an automatic drop in replacement. Logs, Metrics and traces will be transparently ingested and immediately available through qryn! 

For a full list of compatible clients for logs, metrics and traces please check here: https://qryn.metrico.in/#/logs/ingestion

Simple. You can connect any query or dashboarding application supporting Loki, Prometheus, Tempo/Opentelemetry APIs to qryn.cloud, without requiring plugins, extensions or modifications. 

For example, Grafana native datasources can be used with qryn out of the box.

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