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Gigapipe is a next gen managed data platform. A customizable ecosystem of connected technologies, all deployed and set up at the click of a button.

Use as many or as few services as you require. The core storage layer is a fully managed ClickHouse service (more database options coming soon!). You select where you want your data to be, and one of the five pre-configured and optimized machine types (based on how much power you want) and then which additional managed services you need to leverage your data.


Gigapipe allows users to deploy a fully managed ClickHouse cluster in under 3 minutes. Ingest, store and query your data with a suite of flexible pre-configured and connected services.

It scales as you need and allows you to forecast future costs as you go.


Pick from a range of other managed services to connect to your storage layer. Gigapipe will sign you up, deploy and connect your cluster to these services. Enjoy the enterprise features and support of best in slot third party managed services.


Gigapipe requires less hardware than alternative databases, can be flexibly configured and contains cost-forecasting functions which give you clarity to model different scenarios and options. You’ll always be in control of the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gigapipe is a fully managed Big Data stack built around a core managed ClickHouse (database) service. Gigapipe will rapidly deploy your ClickHouse cluster in your selected region and you can then automatically connect additional services like Kafka, Gateway (our in-house ingestion engine), Grafana and many more.

You decide exactly which region your ClickHouse cluster is deployed in and your data will never leave that region unless specified. Gigapipe is deployable in all regions available on AWS or GCP. For a full list click here.

Gigapipe’s costs are directly relational to the cost of the machines deployed. This means you can forecast down to the cent the cost of your Big Data infrastructure today, and exactly what your future costs will be. For a quote please use the pricing calculator on the website.

You can connect in a variety of ways. Gigapipe has an inbuilt Kafka connector to directly link your Kafka instance to your cluster to start ingesting data. You can also use Gateway, Gigapipe’s in-house ingestion engine to help batch up data to ingest it into ClickHouse efficiently. Or push your data directly to the ClickHouse endpoint available in the UI. More information here.

You can do both! The Gigapipe UI is designed to make creating, scaling and managing your cluster as easy as possible however you can also connect directly to Gigapipe’s API using one of the SDKs. Currently only the Python SDK is published, however we are working on more!

Of course. You can use any of the ingestion methods or if you have your data stored in Amazon S3 we have an inbuilt importer which will connect directly to the bucket and import straight into ClickHouse. Or if you’re already using ClickHouse you can transfer all your data directly from ClickHouse to ClickHouse.

Yes, Gigapipe has automated backups you can enable at any time. You can decide how frequently your data is backed up and when.

Gigapipe offers many abstraction layers for things like materialized views, connecting to Kafka, hot/cold storage policies and scaling on top of ClickHouse itself so you don’t need to know specifically how to use them in ClickHouse. However for more information on using ClickHouse itself we recommend checking out the ClickHouse documentation.

Absolutely! Gigapipe enables single click scaling both horizontally and vertically. You can add additional shards/replicas through the UI and Gigapipe will automatically scale your cluster for you. Or if you need to scale vertically (more powerful machines) you can change the machine type of your cluster whenever you need to.

We’d love you to! Gigapipe was built out of necessity, and that goes into every feature we design. We always welcome new requests and ideas to make Gigapipe as user friendly and helpful as possible.

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