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 Steps For getting started

How Gigapipe Works

Gigapipe is simple. Select your region and configure your machine type in GCP or AWS, select the managed services you want and launch! Gigapipe will deploy your fully managed ClickHouse Cluster and additional services which you can then plug directly into your existing infrastructure.

Pick your region

Select either GCP or AWS and decide where in the world you want your cluster to be deployed

Select your managed services

Decide any additional services you’d like connected to your managed ClickHouse cluster


Query your data directly through the Gigapipe UI or any data interpretation tools. You can deploy these in Gigapipe or use your own

Gigapipe Features

Why Choose Gigapipe?

Gigapipe is fully managed, easily scalable and incredibly cost effective

Fully Managed

Gigapipe is fully managed, meaning you don’t have to worry about deploying any infrastructure yourself.

Cost Effective

Managed ClickHouse through Gigapipe requires far less powerful machines than other databases.

Additional Services

You can also leverage other market leading services to manage your Big Data for event streaming, metrics and observability as well as data visualization.

Real-Time Insights

Whether you’re storing gigabytes, or petabytes, Gigapipe can query your data in real-time, providing real-time insights into your data.

Massively Scalable

Use Gigapipe’s simple UI to add new nodes to your cluster whenever you need.

Secure & Stable

With enhanced cloud based security and a 99.5% uptime SLA, Gigapipe provides you with security and stability that you can rely on.

Top Features

Gigapipe’s Main Features

Moving to Gigapipe allows clients to custom build their Big Data ecosystem with market leading fully managed services and applications, built around fully managed ClickHouse clusters

Managed ClickHouse

Gigapipe offers a fully managed ClickHouse as a service platform. This enables you to deploy ClickHouse clusters through a simple web interface that is already optimized and production ready.

Cost Effective

By leveraging a more efficient database Gigapipe enables you use smaller machines to handle your data, while offering a more competitive price for resources than typical managed database services. 

Secure & Stable

Gigapipe is in the cloud, providing guaranteed uptimes, SLA’s, and security.