The polyglot observability platform

Gigapipe is a polyglot observability platform for your logs, metrics, traces, profiling & eBPF emitters into one single data layer.

A drop in replacement for popular ingestion protocols and formats, Gigapipe allows an instant integration (no migration and no code changes required!) regardless of format which can be up and running in minutes. You can then query your data using industry standard query languages like LogQL, PromQL, Tempo (TraceQL) or Pyroscope.

No Migration, just integration.

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Why Choose

Gigapipe allows you the flexibility of using whichever ingestion methods and query languages you want, with the unification of all-in-one systems, without any of the limitations or complexities.



Monitor your applications and Infrastructure immediately with qryn Cloud



Metered usage, only pay for what you monitor!



Drop Gigapipe directly into your infrastructure, or lift it right out. Just change the host!



Compatible with all market standard formats and query languages

Discover your observability stack

Custom built data monitoring applications for your use case, all deployed and integrated at the click of a button


qryn is a fast, thin, all-in-one polyglot observability stack. Logs, Metrics and Traces made simple, right out of the box - batteries included!


Integrate HEPIC for advanced RTC monitoring and analytics: Boost your telecommunications platform with HEPIC, a cutting-edge solution for real-time communication packet capturing, indexing, and storing


Monitor your stack's performance using Grafana and Prometheus. Connect Grafana to any data source, internal or external!


A functional data scripting language (built on Flux Lang) designed for querying, processing, writing, analyzing, and acting on data from market standard sources


ClickHouse is a fast open-source column-oriented database management system that allows generating analytical data reports in real-time using SQL queries


A fake log, metric and trace generator for ingesting labelled data into qryn. Configurable to match your data set for instant and effective testing


How Gigapipe works

Gigapipe is set up in a few simple steps. Set up qryn cloud, Grafana, loggen and other applications with a single click.

Step 1
Create your account


Step 2
Select your integrations


Step 3


Step One

Create your account

Sign up to Gigapipe and create multiple environments and users to start leveraging your data stack.

Step Two

Select your integrations

Decide from the available observability tools and Gigapipe will deploy, set up users, and integrate everything together into a unified observability stack.

Step Three


Swap in the qryn service to replace the one you currently send your logs, metrics and traces to and qryn will immediately capture everything in a single correlated data layer. 

You’re now free to explore all your logs, metrics, traces & eBPF data using qryn view, Grafana or any other data interpretation tool which supports LogQL, Prometheus, or OpenTelemetry.

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